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Purchase Bitcoin with Cash

Almost a Bank is partnered with DigitalMint to enable you to purchase Bitcoin with cash instantly at participating Almost a Bank locations. Bitcoin is an open-source, secure payments network that allows a person to send money anywhere, immediately, for a nominal fee. Bitcoin is an efficient and safe option for remittances, storing funds, and e-commerce purchases.


How to Buy Bitcoin at Almost a Bank

Your Bitcoin purchase is conducted at the teller window with a business representative, just like other Almost a Bank services. They will handle the entire transaction. To buy Bitcoin, you will need:

* A personal Bitcoin Wallet.

* Valid US government-issued photo ID or US Passport additional verification.

* Cell phone with text message capabilities.

Once your purchase is complete, you'll receive your receipt, and your Bitcoin is instantly transferred to your Bitcoin wallet for spending!


Questions About Bitcoin?

To find answers to your questions about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and wallets, contact DigitalMint customer support at (855) 274-2900 or visit the Bitcoin FAQ.