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5 Safe and Legal Ways to Get Fast Cash

Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 11:07AM

5 Safe and Legal Ways to Get Fast Cash

You might have seen ads that claim you can get fast cash for doing various errands. Others say by signing up for a new credit card, you can be in a position to pay down debt faster. While there are many legitimate offers out there, most of the ones you see on TV or online turn out to be scams or schemes trying to take away your hard-earned money. Who has the time to put up with that aggravation?

Thankfully, there are methods where you can quickly get the funds you’re seeking: safely, legally, and without having to resort to outlandish tactics. Use this advice to get the money you need when you need it most.

1) Find a Second Job

While you might not be able to commit to a full or even part-time job, there are other ways you can generate income and still have time for all the tasks you have to complete. For example, some legit online activities will pay you for your time. That includes completing surveys, performing web searches, providing reviews, and similar.

You could also become a courier/delivery driver, or make some extra cash through services like Lyft and Uber. Several ‘gig’ websites also exist where you can perform small, one-time jobs and get paid for your time and services.

2) Collect Debts and Loans

Maybe you helped someone through a hard time by lending money. Or perhaps you’re owed an outstanding debt. When you need fast cash, now’s a great time to collect. Even partial payment is a win-win: you get the money you need and the other person can begin to pay down the cash they owe.

Sometimes, collecting money is easier said than done. It’s also understandable that you might not want to take a loan from the bank, who’ll charge sky-high interest rates with unrealistic terms. That’s when it’s best to explore your other options.

For instance, did you know that payday loans in Altamonte Springs and the surrounding area are the go-to resource of quick and safe money for people across Central Florida? Stop into any one of our 11 locations today to get started.

3) Sell Your Stuff

Getting rid of clutter is a growing trend. People are seeing the benefit of living without so many random items around. Plus, if you ever move, not having a lot of stuff to cart around or throw away makes the process easier.

So, you could sell anything from books, to clothes, unwanted/unused items, even your extra parking space. Any and all of these ideas will quickly generate the funds you need.

If you don’t want to part with your belongings or simply don’t want the hassle, it’s good to know that there are other ways to reach the same goal. One of those is a cash advance in Orange City and across Central Florida. This way, you can keep your stuff and still get the money you need.

4) Find Creative Opportunities

Have you noticed a lot of barking dogs in your neighborhood that would benefit from a long walk? Why not ask the neighbors if you can help them out? For a small fee, of course. Or you could lend a hand with light housekeeping and make a little money on the side.

You might also have sources of income in your home or car right now and not even realize it. For example, did you know that Check on Hold pays the most cash for gift cards in Daytona Beach, Florida? That means your unwanted gifts cards (or those cards you know you’re never going to use) could be turned into money in hand that you can use for other things.

5) Reach Out for Assistance

Between work, school, and other duties, your life is busy. You might simply not have the time, energy, or resources to get another job or even stage a yard sale. That’s when it makes sense to find a reliable resource where you can quickly, safely, and legally get the money you need.

For years, Check on Hold has built a solid reputation as the best outlet for cash advance in DeLand and throughout Central Florida. Simple and straight-forward, our friendly and knowledgeable team members are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about the process. Simply stop by any one of our 11 convenient locations today, and you could be walking out the door with cash in hand in no time.

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