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Save Money by Making It a Game

Mon, May 07, 2018 at 3:55PM

Save Money by Making It a Game

You may have heard the term ‘gamification.’ It’s a growing trend where people make a game out of most anything you can think of. The draw is to satisfy the naturally-competitive spirt that many people possess. However, gamification can also have practical uses, such as saving money.

For many people, anything that deals with finances can be frustrating, overwhelming, and even intimidating. When you make a game of the process, you automatically remove the negative elements. In that way, saving money and finding new ways to access fast cash can be fun and enjoyable.

Here are a few of the best ways for a more pleasurable approach to saving money and addressing financial concerns:

Go Old-Fashioned

Do you remember the thrill of amassing a great fortune in board games such as Monopoly? Even today, kids get a kick out of flaunting a stack of fake cash — knowing it translates to financial freedom, if only as part of a game. Now, you can use similar tactics to save.

For instance, assign a friend or family member to be “the banker” and have them distribute to you a set amount of funds. Then, determine where that money must be distributed to meet monthly expenses. Though seemingly light-hearted, this visual budget approach will help you better understand your personal incoming and outgoing funds.

Create Exciting Goals

When you view reaching goals as a challenge, you automatically create a competitive environment. Working toward a desired outcome also helps many people remain focused and on-task to meet set goals.

Of course, your objectives will be unique to your individual desires and requirements. Some people are focused on the purchase of a new vehicle or embarking on a dream vacation, while others challenge themselves to pay off major debts (mortgage, credit cards) in considerably less time than the contractual terms.

As you plan to reach your target, consider all the tools that can help you succeed. For instance, Check on Hold pays cash for gift cards in Daytona Beach and across Central Florida. You might have an unwanted gift card in your home right now that could be turned into quick cash to help meet your financial objectives.

Tap into Technology

These days, there’s an app for everything, and that includes saving money. Many of us go everywhere with our smartphones. That makes them an ideal tool for financial stability.

Popular apps include Digit, which analyzes your spending habits. When connected to your checking account, this app can pull small amounts of money into a savings account. You can then apply the funds to a planned purchase or keep on saving toward a larger goal.

Increasing in popularity, SaveUp links to your savings account and gives you rewards for saving money and spending less. Earned credits can be used to purchase special prizes and enter cash sweepstakes. Another favorite is Qapital which lets you set up your own “rules” that encourage you to save money. This is an easy and fun way to be thriftier.

Explore All Avenues

As you enjoy finding new ways to make saving money fun, keep in mind the wealth of opportunities available. For instance, getting a cash advance in DeLand and the surrounding region is quick, easy, and straight-forward.

When it comes to Palm Cost payday loans and innovative financial solutions across Central Florida, Check on Hold is the trusted and reputable local leader. For years, we’ve helped countless customers get the cash they need to meet a variety of expense and savings goals.

Offering completive rates and generous repayment terms, our courteous and knowledgeable team members can answer all your questions and concerns. Contact us today for more information or stop by one our 10 convenient Central Florida locations.



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