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5 Spending Habits to Leave in 2020 and Help From Cash Advance Sanford FL Resources

Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 9:44AM

5 Spending Habits to Leave in 2020 and Help From Cash Advance Sanford FL Resources

After navigating a long and challenging year, there’s plenty of reasons to take the end of December to reflect and determine areas of your life that could be improved for the fresh start on the horizon. One problem area for plenty of individuals includes spending habits. Not sure how to curb them to improve savings and live more cost-effectively? Here’s a few tips to help you ditch some bad habits that could truly be holding you back.

Subscriptions Costs that Stack Up

In an age of streaming services and subscription boxes, it’s easy to get swept away in the convenience of automatic monthly payments – and even easier to forget what and when to cancel. When it comes to these services, be careful! End the year with a clean slate – make a list of everything you pay monthly in this category. Then, examine things you can cancel – or, alternatively, look for subscriptions that you might be able to combine differently into a family or household plan to save money. For anything absolutely necessary, set a monthly reminder so that you’ll be aware when these charges happen.

Immediate Impulse Buying

Impulsive shopping can be a huge drain on your wallet. If this is a habit you’re familiar with, it’s the perfect time to take small steps towards conquering it. For example, give yourself a standard wait period before making any unnecessary purchases. Sleep on the idea – and see if the spending holds the same appeal after the initial moment has worn off. Alternatively, consider giving yourself an allowance for spending. With the help of a prepaid debit card from Check on Hold, you can set easy and effective limits on your spending. When the card runs out, remember that you’ve hit your limit and have to delay the extra spending.

Spending Without a Clue

Spending is sure to pile up when you handle it carelessly. It’s time to resolve to be more mindful for 2021. Start simple – pick up a journal or notepad and push yourself to keep a regular log of your monthly spending for increased awareness. Here, you’ll begin to see right away how your spending adds up. Alternatively, or in addition, try to pay with cash or a prepaid debit card whenever possible – keeping your spending resources finite and within your control at all times. Check on Hold offers safe and secure prepaid debit cards, as well as cash for gift cards Daytona Beach FL residents might need to assist their spending!

Letting Bills Pile Up

One dangerous habit involves letting bills sit unpaid in full, allowing interest to pile up. This method is a surefire way to start accumulating dangerous debt. Instead, make it your goal to pay bills on time – every time. Make a strong start, then set reminders on your phone or calendar to remember when payments are due – several days in advance.

However, it’s true – accidents happen, and sometimes we don’t quite have the funds we need right away. Did you know that Check on Hold can help? We’re the resource for cash advance Palm Coast FL trusts best. We can offer convenient solutions to help you get the cash you need.

We hope that in the new year, you find your balance and leave behind these bad habits to adopt a new and healthier money mindset for 2021! We’ll see you there – and we’re always available at our eleven convenient locations to serve all your needs.

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