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5 Times to Avoid Credit Cards

Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 3:14PM

5 Times to Avoid Credit Cards

Simply living life can be expensive. You have bills and other cash obligations that never take a month off. As the debts pile up and creditors are calling, some people turn to credit cards for a quick fix to money issues. The trouble is, that decision can easily come back to haunt you.

While using credit cards isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s a good idea to fully explore all your options. One of those is applying for a cash advance in Port Orange, Florida and throughout the region. Read on to discover how Check on Hold can help you reach your financial goals.

1) When You Can’t Pay Off the Total Debt

Credit card companies love it when people let balances “roll over” from month to month. As funny as it sounds, the ones who always pay the full balance are actually the worst customers in the eyes of creditors. That’s because the credit companies can’t charge them sky-high interest rates and tack on ludicrous fees.

By contrast, Palm Coast payday loans are a safe and reliable way to quickly get the cash you need. Our generous terms and repayment options make it easy to get a hand up without being tied into a credit card contract. Plus, our reputable agents are always happy to answer any of your questions. 

2) For Emergencies or Major Purchases

Over the years, credit card companies have tried to convince everyone that using credit is a great option for unforeseen expenses. The truth is, there are better options. In fact, you might have sources of income right now and not even be aware of it.  

For example, Check on Hold pays the most cash for gift cards in Daytona. What better way to put those unused gift cards to use? You’ll walk out with the cash you need, and no credit card debt to pay later on. It’s the best of all worlds.

3) Simply for the Perks

Some people knowingly rack up credit debt just to get random “rewards” that are offered. These perks usually aren’t worth the requirements to get them. On the other hand, credit companies will try to convince you that your credit score is the most important number in the world. That’s simply not true.

There’s a good reason why Check on Hold has countless loyal customers who regularly revisit our locations. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members always treat you with respect. You’ll never feel like a number. Don’t let the credit companies continue to define you by some arbitrary number. Experience the difference with us.

4) If You Don’t Have a Bank Account  

There’s no rule or law in this country that people must have a bank account. Some people just don’t want their money being handled by people they don’t know. Others have been burned by the big banks before, and now want to take a more cautious approach.

With Check on Hold, you’re always in control. When you visit any of our 11 convenient locations across Central Florida, our skilled and qualified representatives will always fully explain your options while providing the very best deals possible.

5) As Your Only Option   

Credit companies are always buying ads on TV, radio, and online. They want you to think that they’re the only way to purchase the things you most want and need. However, payday loans in Altamonte Springs offer competitive rates and fair repayment terms. When you’re in need of fast cash, you owe it to yourself to explore every resource.

For years, we’ve helped people across Central Florida with a variety of financial needs. From cash advance, to payday loans, even cash for gift cards, there are choices to meet your goals. Feel free to call us with any questions you have. Better yet, drop into the location nearest you to get the funds you require today.

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