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So You Need a Loan: What Happens Next?

Sat, Jan 15, 2022 at 9:00AM

So You Need a Loan: What Happens Next?

No matter how much you try to budget or be financially organized and responsible, there may be times when you unexpectedly find yourself strapped for cash. Whether it’s an expense build up during holiday season or just bills that have been piling up, it’s not uncommon to be stuck in a situation when your financial woes are disrupting your everyday life and causing hardships to you and your family.

In such times, knowing that there are quick and trustworthy resources that can help you get money fast is a reassuring option to have. Here’s how you can get a payday loan from Check on Hold, an easy and reliable method to make ends meet when nothing else seems to be working out.

How it works

If you need a short-term loan to help manage your finances, a quick and convenient solution is getting the cash quickly through payday loans. For this you will be required to submit simple documents such as your identification, current bank statements from your checking or savings account, and your proof of income. You bank account number will be required along with the application for the loan.

With these basic documents you will be able to apply for a payday loan that can help you from avoiding any crisis due to lack of available funds. If you’re approved, you will be able to receive cash immediately on the spot or it gets deposited in your back account within a day or two.

When and how much to pay back

The full payment of the short-term loan is expected on the borrower’s next pay day, usually within the next two weeks. The minimum period to repay the loan is seven days and the maximum is 30 days. The fee usually charged for a cash advance loan is $10 per $100 borrowed along with a $5 verification fee.

A faster and better option

The cost of a cash advance or payday loan can usually be much lower than a lot of the alternatives people might be considering. Paying late bills or dealing with overdraft fees can get quite expensive and hard to manage and an easier and more convenient method would be a cash advance for many individuals and families stuck in an unfortunate position.

Our team at Check on Hold can help answer any further questions you may have about cash advance options in DeLand and help you find a favorable outcome for any financially difficult times that you may be stuck in.

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