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5 Reasons to Use a Money Order

Wed, Mar 08, 2017 at 3:07PM

5 Reasons to Use a Money Order

Need to get money safely from place A to place B? Or pay monthly bills without a checking account? A simple (but often underutilized) solution is the money order, a tool that lets you deliver prepaid amounts of money with ease.

In today's blog, we're sharing five smart reasons to use a money order. Take a look!

It's your money

Money orders are especially simple in that they're just like cash. You pay for them ahead of time, so that whatever amount you intend to send is not able to be changed--unlike with checks, for example, who can bounce due to insufficient funds. Money orders are among the surest, simplest ways to send money.

Added security

Since money orders are addressed to a specific person, they offer more security than cash on its own. Similarly, they can be sent and received without any bank information from you--so no one can find your account number or other sensitive details from a money order slip.

Easy transport

You don't need online banking to get money from one person to the next. If you want to send over a gift or payment to a friend, family member, or other recipient across the country, a money order lets you do that with ease.

A bill paying alternative

How can you pay bills without a checking account? With a money order! In lieu of a check, you can send a money order so that you know your payment is going to the right place (whether that be your landlord, cable provider, or other service). You can also better keep track of the money you put toward bills than you can with cash, making it easier to manage your finances.

The perfect gift

Finally, a fun reason to use money orders--they make for perfect gifts! If you want to send a monetary gift to a friend or family member through the mail, a money order will let you do so easily. Not only is it a secure way to send your gift, it can also add more intentionality to your gesture, since your recipient won't be able to simply slip the cash into their wallet and forget about what it's for! We think that makes the money order a timeless, meaningful gesture.

Are you in need of a money order? Whether you're sending money to a friend, or simply need a new way to pay your bills, we here at Check on Hold are happy to help! 

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