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Money Orders as A Safe & Secure Option

Fri, Jul 07, 2017 at 2:00PM

Money Orders as A Safe & Secure Option

There are many options out there when it comes to sending money, paying bills, and securing your account- so not to worry.

One form of payment often overlooked is money orders. Today’s blog is going over some benefits of money orders and how our Flagler & Volusia county clients can start using them today.

Securing a way to pay bills

Mailing in monthly payments is still a very common way to pay bills. Although there are options to pay online, mailing in money is a great way to physically keep track of your account.

You have two options when paying bills this way: use a personal check or a money order. The benefit of using a money order over a personal check is- the protection of your information. Using a money order maintains the confidentiality of your account and guarantees payment to the payee.

Sending money through the mail

You always want to show your love and support to family members and friends- even if they live far away. Sometimes it’s harder to send a large gift in the mail, or maybe the recipient prefers money. Whatever it may be, when you do end up sending cash as a gift you always worry about it getting stolen.

Instead of sending cold hard cash in an envelope, play it safe by sending a money order. This way, when the person receives their card, they can look at this money order just as they would a personal check. There are plenty of locations nationwide who accept money orders and turn them into cash. Even though this may seem like an extra step, you feel secure knowing the right person received your money. (Only the person whose name is pre-printed on the money order can cash it).

Keeping an organized record of your money

When money comes in, it immediately goes back out, or at least that's how it seems. With so much going on, we easily lose track of what needs to be paid, and when. If you decide to use money orders as your primary form of payment, you can easily keep track of your expenses.

You are given a duplicate copy, so maintaining your records is even easier and gives you peace of mind. You will feel good knowing you have an exact record of what you paid and when it will be deposited, that way your budget and banking can remain on track.   

Ask for advice

If you’ve never used a money order before, the process can be intimidating, but really, it’s simple- so don’t panic. There are many convenient places around town that provide money orders. However, if you want a money order and some helpful advice on when and why you should use one, then come into your local Check on Hold! We have plenty of representatives who are happy to help with any questions you may have.

If you already have the process down, and just need a quick place to purchase one, we are also the best place for that. Check on Hold is here to make your life easier in any way we can, so stop on by or give us a call!


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