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Giving Back: 5 Simple Ways to Start

Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 9:30AM

Giving Back: 5 Simple Ways to Start

This time of year, giving back is on our minds—and you don’t need to write a hefty check to do it!

Giving back is a meaningful activity on budgets big and small. Read on to see how you and your family can do it, too.

Give time in meaningful ways

One of the most valuable, meaningful things you can give is your own time! Maybe you’re skilled in a specific craft that can benefit the community. Or maybe there’s a cause you care about that could use some hands-on volunteers—think the animal shelter, soup kitchen, etc. There is no limit to the ways you can donate your service to a person, group, or organization in need.

Donate old toys, clothes, and other items

You probably have lots of items on hand that you no longer use—but that would greatly benefit someone in need. Look through your garage or attic for unused items in good condition: everything from toys to books to clothes and beyond.

Check your pantry

In addition to unused items, check your pantry for uneaten, nonperishable food, too! While you might not be able to donate your leftover dinner, you can easily give unopened cans, boxes of snacks, and other dry goods to your local food bank, church food drive, or even someone you know that would benefit from one less run to the grocery store.

Put charities on your wish list

Family members and friends often ask, “what do you want?” at this time of year. If you don’t need anything, why not dedicate your seasonal wish list to those in need? You can ask that loved ones donate to a charity of your choice in lieu of putting a present under your tree.

Give where you shop

Some shopping during the holiday season is unavoidable, but who says you can’t give while you shop? At this time of year especially, many products and stores offer the chance to give back—either by simply shopping and picking up a product, or donating your change at the register. Seemingly small donations, like your grocery store change, can add up to something bigger than you’d ever imagine.

This season, giving back can make all the difference. We here at Check on Hold hope that today’s blog helps you enjoy a warm, meaningful holiday season ahead!

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