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How to Reign in Impulsive Spending

Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 5:20PM

How to Reign in Impulsive Spending

We’ve all been there: returning from the store with items we didn’t expect to purchase and/or have little use for.

The fact is, retailers are experts at helping you part with your hard-earned cash. That’s why they place impulse items at the register, at eye-level of children, and other sneaky tricks. At the same time, life is about the simple pleasures, and a little treat now and then is a good thing.

Find the balance by setting aside some “fun money” earmarked for such purchases. This way, you get the best of both worlds: being able to buy interesting items, while still keeping within your budget. Use these tips to get started:

Make a Budget and Stick to It

Many people dread starting a budget. Others find adhering to a budget restrictive and even stressful. However, it’s important for everyone to live within their means.

Financial experts continually talk about the importance of paying bills on time. Creditors add fees to late payments, which means you’ll end up paying them a lot more in the long run. That extra money could go toward savings or a special fund to pay for vacations, medical bills, child and pet care, and unforeseen circumstances.

If you’re struggling to get started saving money, it’s helpful to explore all options available. That includes securing a cash advance in DeLand, which can help you jumpstart your financial goals.

Be a Bargain Hunter

There’s a good reason why online retailers put prominent “one click buy” buttons on their websites. They love it when consumers make quick decisions without shopping around for the best deal. The fact is, you can often find the exact same products for half the cost someplace else. Beat retailers at their own game by checking out who has the best price. It’s also wise to keep in mind shipping costs and hidden fees.

Despite the convenience, sometimes it’s better to pay in cash. Financial experts say doing so helps you monitor how much is being spent. Getting a cash advance in Port Orange is a simple and straight-forward process. When you have cash in hand, you get the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your money’s going.

Plan Strategic Splurges

As mentioned, you don’t have to go without favorite items or experiences. Spending money on the things you want every now and then helps keep you grounded and content. In fact, financial experts say small luxuries and occasional “treats” actually help keep budgets on track. The trick is to make conscious money choices and investigate all possible ideas.

For instance, you might have gift cards right now that you have no intention of using. Maybe they’re for a store/restaurant you’ll never visit. Rather than letting gift cards continue to collect dust, make them work for you. We pay the most for cash for gift cards in Deltona and throughout Central Florida.

Explore All Options

One of the best ways to create and stick to a financial plan is to discover all your choices. Then you can determine which methods are best for you and your family. For instance, more people today are turning toward payday loans in Daytona Beach as a first step to getting impulsive spending under control.

For years now, we’ve helped countless people across Central Florida with all their financial needs. Plus, with 11 locations throughout the state, it’s easy and convenient to reach Check on Hold. Contact us today with any questions you might have. Better yet, drop by one of our locations today to take the first step toward your financial freedom.

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