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Tech Tips for Stress-Free Finances

Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 11:03AM

Tech Tips for Stress-Free Finances

Your smartphone’s a pretty powerful tool. It can take photos, order you a pizza, keep you in touch with loved ones…  and help you plan for your financial future!

Wondering how this little piece of tech can take on such a tall order? Read on for a few of our best tips on how to get more out of your smartphone.

Set recurring reminders

No one wants to miss a bill payment—especially due to forgetfulness.

Fortunately, you can forget about forgetting payments, due dates, and other to-do’s by setting a recurring reminder for these items on your smartphone’s calendar. By organizing key dates on a dedicated calendar platform (as opposed to jotting down reminders on a notepad or other easily-lost medium), you can stress a little less and shake off that nagging feeling of "did I forget something?".

Sync up your calendar

If you’re not the sole financial planner in your family, you’ll naturally want to share those important reminders with your partner. You can do that by syncing up your calendars. Those reminders we mentioned earlier? They can be doubly impactful when the both of you receive them, so that you’re both in-the-know about what’s due and what’s coming up.

Take advantage of apps

Finally, there’s the abundance of apps worth taking advantage of! Every smartphone today is capable of downloading easy-to-use applications that make financial planning, budgeting, saving, and lots more a breeze.

If you use a bank, the first app you’ll want to download is naturally the official app for your financial institution. This can help you check your balance in seconds, transfer money when needed, and keep up with due dates on your bank-issued credit card.

Other apps can help anyone, even those without a bank, manage their money. Mint is one such option that lets you keep track of your budget and see where your money is going every month (to bills, food, entertainment, etc.).

There are also several apps available that let you share money with friends. These can help you avoid the hassle of paying back a friend or family member (or waiting for them to pay you back), so they definitely make day-to-day social outings a little easier to enjoy!

Finally, there are lots of apps that can help you save on the short-term, too. Some are corporate creations: Target’s Cartwheel, for example, lets you find and use in-store coupons without having to lug around a savings flyer. RetailMeNot is another option that performs a similar task for a wide multitude of shops, restaurants, and more.

We hope that these tips help you turn your smartphone into the financially savvy tool it was always meant to be. The next best thing to do on your smartphone? Browse through our website and save the info for a Check on Hold location near you! We’re always here and happy to help you navigate any financial needs you may have.

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