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5 Easy Ways to Save for Summer Vacation

Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 11:05AM

5 Easy Ways to Save for Summer Vacation

Summer is here, and the spirit of vacation is calling. Wondering how to save up for a trip of your own?

Take a look at today’s blog for five easy ways to start saving for a getaway you’ll love!

Establish a goal

One of the first steps in saving for a vacation you’ll love? Decide what that vacation might look like! You’ll want to set up a goal so that you know when you’ve finally reached that ideal vacation fund (or at least, when you’re getting close).

Make your savings visible

When it comes to saving for a big communal goal, it’s always helpful to make your savings visible in some way. Whether you do that by filling up a jar and keeping it on the kitchen counter, establishing a travel fund piggy bank, or even creating a good-old-fashioned savings "thermometer" (the kind they use for school fundraisers), this visual cue is sure to motivate the whole family and make your plans that much more real.

Save with small changes

Saving up for a trip can be daunting—but don’t feel like you need to put your life on hold to do it! Small changes can make a big impact. For example, skipping one meal out a week for a family of four can save as much as $100! Similarly, brewing your coffee at home instead of grabbing it out can save you several dollars a day, and much more by the end of the week.

Round up and save the difference

Speaking of small changes… start rounding up!

If you spend $10.07 at the store, for example, you probably won’t miss the handful of change you get back. Take that 93 cents and apply it to your savings! It’s an easy, convenient way to save… one that you’ll barely notice as you do it.

It’s also worth checking to see if your bank has an option to apply these small bits of change to your savings account. Some do, and it can help you save without even realizing!

Get the whole family involved

If you hope to travel with the whole family, see if there are ways everyone (even the kids) can help. You might find that even young kids are more-than-willing to step up and do their part for the sake of a special trip! That might mean helping to clip coupons, taking part in a family yard sale, or even doing extra chores around the house.

From all of us here at Check on Hold, we want to wish you happy travels! We hope that these tips help you achieve the vacation of your dreams.

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