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Where Can I Cash My Check?

Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 1:49PM

Where Can I Cash My Check?

From gifts to paychecks to personal loans, receiving a check is always a welcome experience! 

But if you receive a check, and don't have a bank account, you may be wondering--where can I cash this?

Fortunately, Check on Hold can help. Take a look at today's blog to see how our check cashing services are just what you'll need to get your well-earned cash, into your pocket faster!

No bank necessary

A check is safer than cash, more secure than cash, and much easier to get from place to place--of course, it does require one extra step to become usable!

For many people who use banks, that means making a trip to the nearest branch in order to deposit the check into an account, or to turn it into cash on the spot. However, not everyone has a bank--leading them to seek out the simple alternative of a dedicated check cashing institution. Don't let your lack of a bank account keep you from using and spending your money!

Faster access to funds

Of course, some of our customers do have their own bank accounts, and use our check cashing services as an added way to get money faster. With many banks, you can deposit a check and not actually see the funds in your account until the next business day (or you might see a small portion of them, but not the entire check). Why wait? Cashing your check with us can help get your money to you faster, so that you can use it for whatever expenses you may have.

A convenient step

Similarly, many bank account holders will take advantage of the convenient nature of Check on Hold's services. With hours that are typically longer than those of a bank, and locations all around Daytona Beach and the surrounding area, you can more easily get your cash on your schedule.

For check cashing and all other financial needs, count on Check on Hold to help! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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