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5 Benefits of a Prepaid Debit Card

Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 1:49PM

5 Benefits of a Prepaid Debit Card

From online purchases to car rentals, having access to a debit card is more important now than ever before.

It's an essential for modern commerce--but is there a way to get one, outside of having a connected checking out? As it turns out, there is--through the form of a prepaid debit card!

Below, see the benefits of this simple, hassle-free tool (and how Check on Hold can help you get one with ease).

It's like cash...

Almost wherever you can use cash, you can use a debit card. It's your money, paid for ahead of time, so there's no concern about overdrawing or exceeding your limit--it's as simple and convenient as the cash in your pocket!

... but safer

Of course, debit cards do present a certain advantage over pure cash in that they are safer and more secure. Unlike several bills in your pocket, a debit card is a singular tool that can be deactivated if need be to prevent unauthorized purchases.

It lets you do more with your money

Why shouldn't you be able to shop online or pay for food deliveries, car rentals, and other services with ease? It's your money, and a prepaid debit card simply opens up the array of places you can use it.

No checking account necessary

You don't need a checking account to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a debit card. A prepaid card removes the need for having an account, since it can be purchased with cash whenever you need it.

Simplicity is key

Looking to clean up your wallet, or simplify spending for your child's financial independence? A prepaid debit card is an excellent way to bridge the gap between cash alone and more sophisticated forms of payment (like credit cards) that they'll learn about later on.

Need a prepaid debit card for upcoming expenses? We're here to help! Come into your local Check on Hold to receive a card that's ready to go for purchases like online deliveries, meals out, family fun, and much more.

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