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Why Sell Your Gift Cards?

Wed, Mar 08, 2017 at 3:13PM

Why Sell Your Gift Cards?

We all appreciate the token of a gift card from friends or family--but if you can't use your gift card for any reason, don't toss it away just yet! It's probably more valuable than you think.

Selling your unused or unwanted gift cards to Check on Hold is a great way to earn extra cash and make use of a meaningful gift.

Below, take a look at a few popular reasons for selling your gift cards.

Your gift card is unusable...

Sometimes, even the most well-meaning gift givers may present you with a card you just can't use. Whether it's for a regional restaurant not in your area or a store you don't shop at, these aren't "bad" gifts--they're just not quite usable (in their current state, anyway!).

...or impractical

Do you feel like you received a gift card from someone who doesn't really get you? Don't stress out about a coffee shop gift card if you're going caffeine free, or a gift card to a theme park you live hundreds of miles away from. These, too, can be sold and turned into gifts you truly do love and appreciate.

You're saving up

If you have financial goals--you're building up an emergency fund, for example, or saving for the trip of a lifetime--you may prefer to add to your savings with extra cash. This is where personal preference comes in. If that $25 would better serve you there than at the store/theater/coffee shop you were given a gift card for, selling your card might be just what you need.

A no-guilt gift

You may be wondering, "is it wrong to sell my card for cash?". At Check on Hold, we think not. Don't feel guilty about making the switch!

Whoever gave you the gift card undoubtedly did so in a kind, meaningful gesture, so that you could pick out something special for yourself. While your friend, family member or coworker may not be keeping tabs on your exact shopping preferences or financial situation, one thing is for sure: they want you to get something you truly want with that card. By exchanging it for cash (which will go toward your dream getaway or unique luxury purchase), that's exactly what you are doing!

Are you holding onto unused or unwanted gift cards? Put them to use today! At Check on Hold, we can exchange your gift cards for cash, making it easier for you to pursue the things you care about most.

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