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5 Ways to Help Students Save Money This Summer

Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 5:45PM

5 Ways to Help Students Save Money This Summer

Whether the student in your family is graduating high school or college, or simply could use some financial support between semesters, there are plenty of ways to help them gain financial stability this summer. Simply read on for a few helpful tips from the leading provider of payday loans and cash advance Port Orange residents trust best.

Match students’ savings to encourage smart habits

Saving money as a student can be difficult, but you can help encourage this healthy habit by contributing to your child’s savings if possible! This can be a straight match (you add a dollar for every dollar they save), or another program that works for you. Whatever size your contribution may be, you will be bolstering their savings and encouraging healthy habits at every step of the way.

Help your child exchange gift cards for cash

Gift cards are a popular graduation or birthday present for students—but with the myriad expenses that come with college or school in general, sometimes cash can be more practical. Fortunately, you can exchange gift cards for cash right here at Check on Hold!

Gift the student in your life a prepaid debit card

At Check on Hold, we also provide prepaid debit cards. This can be a helpful option for students who don’t have a bank account yet but need a convenient way to pay for books, meals and other school day must-haves.

Encourage fun at home

Another great way to help your student save money? Encourage fun activities at home! Whether it’s a themed dinner or movie night, these activities can keep your child engaged without them needing to spend money on pricey events outside of the home.

Lend a helping hand with check cashing and money order services

If your child is attending school away from home, you can stop by Check on Hold to send them a money order! Or, if they are at home but don’t have a bank account, we will happily help cash checks so they can access their funds as quickly and easily as possible.

We hope that these ideas help you encourage smart spending and savings habits with the student in your life! For help with back-to-school expenses, summer saving and year-round financial support, Check on Hold is here for you. Simply call or visit us today to learn more.

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