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How to Shop the Season with September Savings

Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 12:05PM

How to Shop the Season with September Savings

When it comes to seasonal shopping, the best way to make the most of any deal is by shopping (and saving) ahead of time.

Holiday shopping in September, you ask? This early approach doesn’t just let you cross things off your to-do list. Keep reading to see why else it works…

Always save, save, save

Who doesn’t love to save money? It’s smart and efficient. Shopping early not only allows you to get more bang for your buck, but it lets you get those limited items before they run off the shelf.

And that’s not all you can save. Money is time, so while saving money is great, saving time is even better. When the holidays come, they come fast, which is why it can also be a stressful time of year. So, get your lists made and enjoy the September savings!

Pay less with layaway

Another way you can “save” this shopping-season is by enlisting in a layaway program! This way, you can buy the items you need while paying for them over a period of time - little by little.

Many stores offer this helpful program and are perfect for those big-ticket items, like game consoles, toys, or electronics. You’ll usually pay little to nothing in fees and can use the benefits past the holidays! Just be sure to check each individual store for package details.

Avoid the last-minute rush

Image how great life during the holidays would be if all you had to worry about was your dish in the oven. After all, the holidays are meant for making happy memories and doing good things for others.

To spend your holidays doing the things above, go online and check the sale dates for the stores you need to buy items from. Sometimes, an online sale may be better than an in-store sale so you could potentially purchase your item without leaving your house.  Just remember, the internet is a great resource for checking dates of sales and individual payment plans – so use it to your holiday advantage.

Keep in mind, Check on Hold is here to help those who need a little extra cash. If you see a sale going on during a weekend when you don’t get paid, we can solve that problem for you in no time – just visit our website!




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