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The Best Way to Budget with Prepaid Debit Cards

Thu, Sep 07, 2017 at 12:05PM

The Best Way to Budget with Prepaid Debit Cards

From online payments to grocery shopping and getting gas, having a debit card is an important asset to have.

But what if you can limit the amount you’re allowing yourself to spend? Prepaid debit cards are an essential modern commerce that let you spend outside of a connected checking account.

Below are the best ways to budget using this hassle-free tool (and how Check on Hold can help you get started).

Only allot what you can afford

It’s your money, and with prepaid debit cards, you're taking control of it - to a whole new level. With this handy tool, you’re using your money, paid for ahead of time, so there’s no concern about overdrawing or exceeding your budgeted limit. It’s as simple and convenient as the cash in your pocket! 

Protect your hard-earned savings

An important takeaway from this budgeting process, is, of course, prepaid debit cards present a certain advantage over pure cash. They offer a safer and more secure way to pay for the things you need. If your card is stolen, the thief doesn’t have access to your entire checking account, they only have access to the certain allotment you paid for. 

Also, prepaid debit cards make it harder for you to dip into your savings simply because this card is like electronic cash (and not linked to any accounts).

Use simplicity to your advantage

For the times when you need to clean out your wallet or retrain your financial independence, a prepaid debit card is an excellent way to bridge the gap between total financial freedom and credit card debt.

It’s easy to get off track when you constantly receive credit card offers but the best way to stick to your saving plan is by simplifying your life.

Stop by Check on Hold

When you need some hassle-free, expert advice stop by one of our many locations. We can offer you many bank-less options that give you the financial discipline and freedom you are looking for.

Our website is full of ways we can help and our staff is here to support you through anything you are going through in between paychecks.  All you have to do is call!


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